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Transpersonal Therapy 

Suffering is a part of human nature, and it can send us on a search for truth. It is as if our most difficult experiences cause a sudden opening of awareness, and we begin asking big questions such as:

Who am I? 

What is my purpose?

What does it mean to be present in my life?

What is intuition?

How can I release myself from negative thoughts?

How do I process emotions?

How do I let go of control and overcome fear?

Transpersonal therapy helps us answer these questions. It looks at healing ourselves by addressing underlying issues and reconnecting us to our deepest Self (or our "center" or "being"). It is a holistic, integrative, humanistic process that recognizes the connection between our mind, body, and spirit.

I offer a process that will teach you to go beyond symptom management and explore deeper dynamics that can allow you to heal from mental health concerns. It is a process that I went through myself many years ago, with practices that I continue to use in my everyday life. 


We can work together to engage in a compassionate process of emotional exploration, self-inquiry, introspection, and learning to step out of your analytical mind. 

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Transpersonal therapy focuses on cultivating inner silence and introspection as a way of connecting to our deeper Self, We look at how conditioned beliefs and behaviours from our childhood (and traumas) onward create a false sense of who we are and dysfunctional patterns that lead to symptoms. By bringing awareness to these deeper dynamics and learning to quiet the mind, we can begin to let go of what is not working for us and start to live as authentically as possible.

Transpersonal therapy works with a wide variety of symptoms, including eating disorders, anxiety, depression, OCD, trauma, and burnout. 

Common Reasons for Seeking Transpersonal Therapy:

  • Recognizing that mental health symptoms have a deeper underlying cause that needs to be addressed 

  • Feeling disconnected from who you truly are

  • Struggling with reactivity

  • Having difficulty staying in the present moment

  • Being stuck in your mind (the past, the future, worries, regrets, and so on)

  • Spending too much time distracting or busying yourself but feeling unsure how to break free

  • Struggling to let go of control and trust in life

  • Having past trauma that has been addressed therapeutically but not fully healed

  • Growing up in a rigid or complex religious community or family

  • Feeling lost or unsure of your purpose or the meaning of life

  • Struggling to sit with uncertainty or the unknown

  • Feeling fear around something you cannot identify

  • Having intense fear of death

  • Being a deep thinker but feeling stuck or in pain

  • Struggling to find peace of mind

Ready to quiet your mind and rediscover your self? Connect with me for a free virtual or phone consult to see if my process is a good fit for you. 

For more information on Transpersonal therapy and its benefits, check-out my blog titled Transpersonal Psychology and Mental Health

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"The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear." -Rumi

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