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Mindfulness Therapy

Mindfulness is a way of being that involves connecting to a deeper awareness that is steady, centered, and ever-present. Mindfulness helps you practice non-judgement, non-attachment, patience, acceptance, and trust in life. It also promotes connection to your true self, which is resilient and wise in the midst of stress or chaos.


Mindfulness brings the unconscious parts of your psyche into your consciousness so that you can begin to address your inner issues and ultimately heal. Until this happens, these shadow parts of yourself remain hidden and will control your life through reactive, automatic responses. This is what creates mental health symptoms. 

I offer a process that is based in the wisdom of many spiritual and philosophical traditions, which are at the heart of mindfulness. It isn't enough to apply mindfulness "strategies" and "techniques." Instead, I will support you to go deeper with your inner work and truly cultivate the skills necessary to heal.


Together we will explore and learn topics such as how to:

Quiet the mind

Reduce reactivity

Accept the present moment

Process emotions

Listen to your intuition

Connect with your true self

Let go of what isn't needed

Find peace of mind

Get unstuck in your life

Mindfulness allows you to get at the heart of underlying issues that create and perpetuate anxiety, depression, eating disorders, burnout, and stress. It is a process that I used to heal from my own mental health challenges and find inner strength. 

To read more about the process and benefits of Mindfulness therapy, check out this blog post on Mindfulness Therapy and Mental Health.

Ready to learn more about how quieting the mind, connecting inward, and becoming present can benefit you and your mental health?

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