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What is Transpersonal Therapy?


It is a humanistic therapy, and spiritual therapy that focuses on connecting to our deepest sense of who we are (often referred to as the Self). It is not related to any religion. It recognizes that we are more than just our thoughts, emotions, personality traits, or external roles and identities (e.g. parent, employee, partner, etc). It values stillness and introspection as a way of connecting to this deeper Self which is always present and our greatest source of strength. In transpersonal therapy, we look at how conditioned beliefs and behaviours from our childhood onward create a false sense of who we are and dysfunctional patterns that lead to symptoms. By bringing awareness to these deeper dynamics, we learn how to let go of what is not working for us in our life and how to live our life as authentically as possible.

What is Mindfulness Based Therapy?

Mindfulness is a way of being. It is a different state of consciousness that involves being aware of our thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and sensations. It involves non-judgement, non-attachment, and a state of true presence. It is not a technique or strategy to make you more productive, happy, or focused (although these can be experiences people have). It is really about becoming fully open and accepting of what is occurring in the present moment. It allows us to work with life rather than fight it. It also promotes connection to a deeper part of us that is steady and reliable even in the midst of stress or chaos. 

How Often Do You Meet With People?

I typically work with people once per week, particularly while they are getting used to the process we are using and the practices they need to cultivate between sessions. Some of my clients meet bi-weekly due to practical constraints. As people progress, we space our sessions out further until they feel ready to support themselves on their own.

How Is This Different From Other Therapies?

This is awareness work, which is a deeper realm than psychological strategies. Some therapies, such as CBT, try to spot-treat symptoms by selecting a few "dysfunctional" thoughts and reframing them. This is surface level and often does not create a true shift in perception. Awareness work looks at how we use our mind in each moment. It addresses the full picture of your life and your way of being. It focuses on slowing down your thinking and stepping out of the analytical mind (as most people have discovered, you can't think your way out of internal problems). Some other therapies, such as DBT, focus on coping strategies or techniques to force change. Many of my clients report trying these approaches in the past unsuccessfully. Without a shift in consciousness, following through on coping strategies becomes nearly impossible for people because you have to rely on willpower. Awareness work is a process that can seem abstract at first because we are so used to using our minds intellectually. We will work together step-by-step to connect to this new way of being where many of my clients find healing. 

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