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How will I know if this type of therapy is for me?


When beginning therapy, it is common to not know what to expect. You may also feel mixed emotions as you question how things will unfold. While no process is suitable for everyone, you may find that this one is a good match for you if:

  • you feel lost, off-track, or out of touch with who you truly are

  • you are seeking lasting change with a focus on healing, rather than recovery

  • you want to explore new ways of being with your self

  • you are tired of having a busy mind or feeling the need to distract yourself from your problems

  • you have analytically figured out the cause of your problems, but are still seeking the "how" of change

  • you have learned many coping strategies but continue to struggle to care for yourself on a deeper level

How long will it take to change?


Each person approaches a therapeutic process in their own way, and your inner work cannot have a predictable time frame. Together we will continually explore your needs and track your progress. People often feel inner shifts quite quickly and sense that they are on the right track, even if their problematic behaviours sometimes take longer to resolve. I believe that our symptoms are signs that we are off-track, and can be some of our greatest teachers in life. I will support you in learning how to work with your thoughts and emotions in ways that promote healing and lasting change. 

Will I find answers to my problems through this process?


We all have the ability to deeply know what is right or wrong for us. This process is about tapping into each person's potential by opening awareness and freeing intuition. When this happens, we can begin to take responsibility for our own healing, even if we did not initially create our problems or intend to take them on. People find their own unique ways of being as they develop a sense of who they are and what they need. While life will always present difficulties and stressors, keeping our awareness open and staying present and connected to self helps us to stay true to what we need rather than turning to unhealthy ways of coping with emotions and experiences. 

I know what I need, why can't I seem to follow-through?

You can only do what you know with the awareness you currently have. This usually means solving life problems and applying quick-fix solutions by using the analytical mind. While your intentions are good, you may continue to feel stuck, off-track, or even hopeless about the future. In our society, we are taught that willpower is our greatest source of strength, and that staying busy will keep us out of trouble. Many have to learn the hard way that a busy or distracted mind can wreak havoc on mental health. Through this process, people tap into a deeper way of knowing themselves so they can can begin to pause and step out of unhealthy patterns that no longer serve them. Our most powerful and innate tools need not be developed, but rather freed. Having a guide to support you can be helpful to make sense of growth patterns and challenges along the way. 

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