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Depression Therapy:

People fall into depression for different reasons related to their life history, present circumstances, emotional style, and thought patterns. Over time, if you are filled with negative thoughts or are consumed by unconscious emotions (and fears), you can shut down inside out of self-protection. What initially feels safe also becomes a destructive trap, and it can begin to feel like there is no way out - hopelessness and helplessness set in. If your emotions feel too overwhelming, you might repress what is there, which leads to apathy or numbness. As the patterns set in, you then become more disconnected from yourself and others, creating a vicious cycle of inner pain.

By learning to quiet the mind and connect to who you are, you can develop the capacity to process emotions more effectively, stay in the present moment, get out of your head, practice courage and vulnerability, and eventually experience joy, peace, and inner freedom. You can also learn to trust your intuition, use your emotions as signs of a need, and begin to care for yourself in new ways.

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Depression Symptoms:

  • Lacking motivation and feeling apathetic (not caring about anything)

  • Negative thoughts related to self, others, life, and the world

  • Feeling numb and disconnected from emotions - unsure of how you feel in each moment

  • Spending time shutting down awareness - zoning out in front of the TV, video games, YouTube, etc.

  • Avoidance through drinking alcohol, etc.

  • Inability to focus or make decisions - feeling stuck

  • Self-criticism (inner critic) rampant in the mind - reminding yourself you are incapable, unlovable, hopeless, no good, a failure, etc.

  • Having to "fake it" in social situations by pretending to be happy or to be someone you're not

  • Hiding your true feelings from others - nobody knows what is really going on for you internally

  • Continuing to make the same mistakes over and over

  • Taking risks with your life

  • Staying in relationships that feel "safe" because you don't have to express yourself or be authentic in any way - lacking meaningful connections

  • Lacking creativity and inability to live up to your full potential

  • Conscious or unconscious fear - of growing up, of being responsible, of dealing with real issues, of finding out who you really are, of being open and vulnerable

These symptoms are not exhaustive. Together we will explore past experiences and current ways of using your mind and dealing with your emotions that are keeping you stuck in depression.


Healing is possible. Contact me for a free virtual or phone consult to find out how to get started. 

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"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

-Carl Jung

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