Cambridge, Ontario



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As a teen and young adult, I struggled for years with depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. I felt numb and disjointed, and I struggled to know what I wanted or needed. Although I sought treatment from a variety of professionals, my painful patterns wouldn't budge. I remember feeling resigned to my problems, and believing that they were all I would ever know. I also remember holding onto them tightly, and questioning who I would be without them. 

In 2008, I met a therapist named Viola Fodor. While I was seeking relief from my suffering and self-sabotaging, I had no idea that her program would take me on a much deeper journey of self-discovery. By learning to quiet my mind and open my awareness, I was able to wake up to who I am deep inside. Through the program, I came to learn that I could use my symptoms as opportunities to grow, process my emotions on a deeper level, and nurture my intuition to make choices that are right for me. As my trust and commitment to the flow of the process unfolded, I watched my symptoms dissolve. The crutches I had used for years to cope and protect myself no longer served a purpose. I developed a clarity that had never been there before, and I stopped feeling lost, off-track, and out of control. With Viola as my guide, I was able to tap into my own potential and heal myself from the inside-out. 


As I discovered my newfound sense of wellness, I knew that my life was changing direction. My values shifted and I felt unfulfilled in the career I had settled into. I chose to return to school to complete a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, and I began working in the non-profit health system, specializing in mental health and addictions counselling. I continually met and worked with people who expressed a longing to know themselves, and I felt a deep responsibility to them on a human level. With my desire to continue the meaningful work that Viola's program has offered to so many others, I completed her training program for professionals. Today, I guide people through her Life Process Transformation™ (LPT) program in private practice and continue to dedicate myself to the process.