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"The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear."


Our greatest sources of suffering call on us to look within for answers. 

An important truth is that we cannot avoid, distract, talk, or fight our way out of symptoms like eating disorders, depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, and stress.


Finding peace of mind requires a new way of being that we can cultivate through inner silence, deeper awareness, and connection to our true Self. 


Transpersonal therapy, mindfulness therapy, and humanistic therapy offer holistic practices that take us on a journey back to who we are so that we can let go of control and live life the way we desire. I offer a process that is gentle, down-to-earth, and based in the wisdom of many spiritual and philosophical traditions. People who go through this process find benefits including:

Peace of mind


Patience and trust

Honesty and forgiveness

Increased self-care

Purpose and meaning

Stress management

Ability to process emotions

As an online therapist in Burlington, Ontario, I believe in healing from the inside-out. By freeing ourselves from unhealthy mental patterns, our symptoms begin to dissolve and we can live in a more authentic way. This is the basis for true resiliency and growth. 

Learn how my own inner work led me on a path to supporting others to heal from mental health issues.

Read more about how I work in individual therapy for eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and stress.

Discover how I work with people, including what is Transpersonal Therapy and Mindfulness Therapy?

Enjoy free topics and self-reflection practices related to mindfulness therapy, transpersonal therapy, mental health, healing, and wellness. 

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