Cambridge, Ontario



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I offer individual counselling sessions in a comfortable office environment. Phone or Skype/FaceTime sessions can also be arranged to accommodate different needs.

The process that I will guide you through is a blend of therapeutic teachings, awareness exercises, and gentle self-exploration. Based in humanistic and transpersonal psychological theories, it was developed by Viola Fodor and has helped many to heal in their own ways from long-standing mental health and wellness concerns.


Healing is not meant to be complicated or strenuous. You will not be asked to battle your problems with coping strategies, positive thinking, guided visualizations, or willpower. Instead, we will focus on nurturing your true self through experiential learning and a daily commitment to a practice called Quiet Time. Through this type of personal growth, people can experience peace of mind, joy, creativity, inner strength, and a sense of purpose. Other benefits include the ability to relax deeply, to process emotions, to learn from life experiences, and to move through the world in a way that works for you. 

*Each one-hour therapy session is $110 + HST. Services may be partially or fully covered by your insurance company or health benefits plan under Registered Psychotherapist. 

Therapy Program for Eating Disorders, Anxiety, and Depression