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Fees &

My fees are $160 (includes HST) for each one-hour (60 minute) session. 

The process that I will guide you through is a blend of therapeutic teachings, awareness exercises, and gentle self-exploration. I pull from humanistic therapy, transpersonal therapy, and mindfulness based therapy, in addition to spiritual therapy teachings and my own awareness. This type of inner work doesn't involve applying intellectual coping strategies or using willpower to change your thinking or behaviour. Instead, I will teach you how to quiet your mind and observe its activity non-judgementally so that you can connect with a deeper type of awareness. This awareness allows us to experience thoughts and emotions without becoming controlled by them. It creates an openness internally that helps us see the deeper dynamics keeping our patterns in place so that we can let go and free ourselves. It also strengthens connection to our true self, which is an ever-present source of strength. With this type of work, people can experience inner freedom, peace of mind, joy, resilience, and wellness.

Doing your inner work requires consistency and commitment. Many people are used to going on auto-pilot in between therapy sessions and then attempting to "talk through" their issues with the therapist. While verbal processing is helpful (and definitely a part of this work), it is not enough, and it can even keep people stuck. I ask my clients to participate fully by sitting in silence and engaging in self-observation every day in between our appointments. While uncomfortable at first, these practices create the shifts in consciousness necessary to support healing. 

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